A repository will be used to store and organise our datasets created by our various departments at KIK-IRPA.

Currently the decision has not been made yet whether to continue with Dataverse or InvenioRDM as a repository solution. Both are being evaluated by our team at the moment, but due to a summer release date in 2020 for a brand new InvenioRDM, an informed decision can only be made later this year.

A test environment of Dataverse is up and running and has been used for a test-case.

There are several factors being taken into account to settle on 1 of these 2 repositories
  • Useability will play an important role, more so for the back-end users most likely than the public interface, due to the fact that most of the repository data will be integrated in the interface for the BALaT+ platform.

  • Integration possibilities for previewing specific file types

  • A completely automated system for assigning DOIs to datasets, most likely via DataCite as provider.