BALaT is KIK-IRPA’s collection site containing information about : 

  • Cultural Objects 
  • Photos 
  • Books, articles, … 
  • People and institutions 

Hescida aims to extend this information by integrating heritage science data which is currently missing from the online database. 

To allow for flexibility and scalability we will need to make some changes in the way our search currently works. 

  • We will create a new search engine (Indexer, based on ElasticSearch) which will be able to aggregate metadata from several of our databases and sources and act as a layer on top of all our services that contain data. 
  • Meta-data from the current BALaT will be added to this search engine, as well as new metadata from intervention files and heritage science data. 
  • A portal will be created on top of this search engine to allow for a simplified (google-style) or advanced search on all the available data across multiple sources. 
  • While the portal will server as the graphical user interface, a machine-useable interface (API) will be created for future integration within DIGILAB to make our data available within Virtual Research Environments (VRE).